17/05/15 update…Hernia, Les’ album and Paella!

Been a bit tardy updating the website…mitigating circumstances, m’lud, had a hernia op 3 weeks ago (which seems to have all gone fine) and have kept on meaning to get round to doing a new blog/news update here…and whilst I’ve been putting up my regular little snippets on Facebook, I’m aware some people aren’t on FB (or hate it!), so I endeavour to put something up here every month or so..so here goes:


Post Hernia Op Cake, presented onstage at Devizes gig [made by Sand Maggs]

One thing that happened just before the op was the release of my… Continue reading

05/03/15 update…DVD launch gigs, track listing (signed copies available)

New DVD is finally out….thanks to everyone who came to the 2 wonderful launch gigs at the weekend, first in Settle (where the DVD was filmed in 2014) and then in Cherry Burton, near Beverley…there was even a nice review of the 2nd gig on the Afterword website (formerly Word magazine)  http://theafterword.co.uk/henry-priestman/

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Signed copies available

The DVD features 20 tracks from my 37 year career, so, right back to my first band Yachts, via a few of the hits I wrote for The Christians, and lashings of stuff from my 2 solo albums.    … Continue reading

27/02/15 update….”Settle Down” 20 track Live DVD, out today!

My first ever solo live DVD “Settle Down” gets released today (and two launch gigs this weekend to celebrate the fact)…recorded at Settle Victoria Hall last year, when I say solo, I was actually joined that night by a plethora of great musicians (and wonderful human beings): Les Glover, Pip Jopling, Ben Hughes, Peter Robinson, Martin Peirson (and even Michelle & Nick from the support band Plumhall), and as the blurb says “most of whom had never met before the gig”. This could have resulted in a nightmare, but actually, the fact that the wheels might fall off at any… Continue reading

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The difficult second album is now available to buy from the usual places.

Henry’s House Gigs

10Henry has recently started playing private house-concerts and finds these some of the most enjoyable gigs he does.

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There's no greater compliment that can be paid to the album [The Last Mad Surge of Youth] than to say quite plainly that it's a really enjoyable album, one for repeated listening and guaranteed to touch a nerve of some sort for fans of a certain age who will enjoy the ponderings and contemplations"

Mike Ainscoe, Fatea Records

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1:00 pm Moonbeams Festival
Moonbeams Festival
Jul 11 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
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Wonderful day at Longcroft School, Beverley; a secondary school, which meant I could split them into groups and leave them to it, just popping my head in from time to time to suggest the odd thing; but they know it all anyway, they're a talented bunch!...they came up with some great songs.
Tomorrow, Longhill Primary School, Hull, where the kids will be performing the songs they wrote at our earlier workshop, in a concert for the school and parents...there I will be joined by two upstanding poets of high repute, Mr Paul Cookson & Mr Stan Cullimore....as the kids are wont to say, "bring it on"!

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So looking forward to returning tomorrow to Longcroft School, Beverley, for the 5th (or is it 6th?) year in a row, for a songwriting workshop.
This was the moment 2 years ago when I "gatecrashed" the Longcroft Gospel Choir's lunchtime rehearsal, cajoled them into joining me on a new song ("True Believer"), and then someone stuck it up on FB...I watched it, was blown away by their harmonies (40 secs in), thought "I have to get this lot on my album"...and lo, I returned to the school a couple of months later to record them, and they're on my "Last Mad Surge of Youth" album.
Still love the power of those voices when they first come in in the chorus!

Singer/songwriter Henry Priestman delivered a songwriting workshop at Longcroft School on Friday 21st June 2013. During the lunch break he joined the Gospel Choir and they performed his original song from his next album "True Believer" together.

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Spent the wet morning with Les Glover doing the National Trust "Beatles' Homes Tour" (Lennon's & Macca's childhood houses)...Colin (Mendips) & Sylvia Hall (Forthlin Road) were wonderful guides, great stories, brought it all to life...
Colin asked for us to try the acoustics out in the porch at Mendips as that's where John and Paul would sing...Les & I went for Hank Williams' "Your Cheatin' Heart" - seemed the sort of song that might well have been sung there!
[Les' fetching golf umbrella came in rather useful] (3 photos)

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