10/02/16 …Happy New Year (you what???!)

Can’t believe it’s Feb 10th, and I’m only just updating my website to wish you happy new year!
Suffice to say (sic) I had a pretty good Christmas, nice to have a bit of a lay-off and recharge the batteries before touring started again in Jan, easing in gently with a couple of gigs in Yorkshire…a folk club in Doncaster, and a village Hall in Hunmanby, both fabulous.
Then last weekend housegig season started, which sometimes means CAKE….but, honest, it’s not as tho’ it’s part of some “prima donna rider”, that means I INSIST on cake (and a white lily… Continue reading

29/09/15 update…”The Complete Renaissance Men Tour 2016″, plus housegig documentary

After a couple of months lay off, I’m itching to get back on the road later this week, kicking off the “Complete Renaissance Men Tour 2016” in Hull on Friday Oct 2nd…..20 concerts, going all the way through to December; in Liverpool/Merseyside, Manchester (supporting Fisherman’s Friends), Greater London (Uxbridge), The Midlands, East Yorkshire, the North East, etc etc…and 7 housegigs (3 in Wales alone) …all ticket details available on website…and a list of all gigs is in the column on the right.

K94 Big Screen (2) (640x428)

Slightly disconcerting…my mug on the side of a building, advertising the Hull gig!

I’ll be… Continue reading

23/08/15 update….”veritable media blitz”, etc

Just taking a bit of a break before the autumn onslaught of gigs, time to get a newsletter sorted.

This last month there’s been a veritable media blitz on me (well, I call two bits of Henry P media coverage, a “blitz”!).


Paul Skillen interviews HP on Bay TV’s Scouse Pop programme

Bay TV in Liverpool filmed an in-depth interview with me earlier in the year, and this was broadcast in late July as the opening one hour long programme in their “Scouse Pop” TV series.
Paul Skillen, the interviewer, really knew his stuff and put me… Continue reading

10.07.15 Update…60’s the new 40, “Old” T shirts, and Renaissance men!

Been a wonderful month or so…firstly I have to thank everyone who sent their best wishes to me (literally hundreds of people, mostly via Facebook) for my 60th birthday in June…made an old man very happy….I’m actually appearing even older at the mo, as I’m still having to sit on a stool at gigs, being not fully recovered from my hernia op earlier in the year. Don’t worry, even seated I can still give it loads, especially with trusty Loved up Les at my side, and I’ll be back standing up and stomping before you know it!


Outdoor summer… Continue reading

17/05/15 update…Hernia, Les’ album and Paella!

Been a bit tardy updating the website…mitigating circumstances, m’lud, had a hernia op 3 weeks ago (which seems to have all gone fine) and have kept on meaning to get round to doing a new blog/news update here…and whilst I’ve been putting up my regular little snippets on Facebook, I’m aware some people aren’t on FB (or hate it!), so I endeavour to put something up here every month or so..so here goes:


Post Hernia Op Cake, presented onstage at Devizes gig [made by Sand Maggs]

One thing that happened just before the op was the release of my… Continue reading

05/03/15 update…DVD launch gigs, track listing (signed copies available)

New DVD is finally out….thanks to everyone who came to the 2 wonderful launch gigs at the weekend, first in Settle (where the DVD was filmed in 2014) and then in Cherry Burton, near Beverley…there was even a nice review of the 2nd gig on the Afterword website (formerly Word magazine)  http://theafterword.co.uk/henry-priestman/

photo (1)

Signed copies available

The DVD features 20 tracks from my 37 year career, so, right back to my first band Yachts, via a few of the hits I wrote for The Christians, and lashings of stuff from my 2 solo albums.    … Continue reading

27/02/15 update….”Settle Down” 20 track Live DVD, out today!

My first ever solo live DVD “Settle Down” gets released today (and two launch gigs this weekend to celebrate the fact)…recorded at Settle Victoria Hall last year, when I say solo, I was actually joined that night by a plethora of great musicians (and wonderful human beings): Les Glover, Pip Jopling, Ben Hughes, Peter Robinson, Martin Peirson (and even Michelle & Nick from the support band Plumhall), and as the blurb says “most of whom had never met before the gig”. This could have resulted in a nightmare, but actually, the fact that the wheels might fall off at any… Continue reading

31/01/2015 update…”Warrior of the Road”

Warrior of the road!…Stop staying in and watching rubbish TV…wrap up well and come and experience the joy and warmth of live music!…be it Liverpool or London, Devizes or Doncaster, Saltburn or Stockport, Blackpool or Bedford, Northampton or Newton-le-Willows, Windermere or Wirral, hopefully I’m playing somewhere reasonably close this year…below is a full list of dates for 2015 so far (right the way through to December), further details can be found here: http://www.henrypriestman.com/gigs/ …(and soon to be on FB too):Feb
6th Stockton Heath (Warrington) – housegig*
7th Hinckley – housegig*
13th Bebington (Wirral) – housegig*
14th Wigan –… Continue reading

11/01/15…Happy New Year!…music review of 2014, picture blog.

Belated Happy New Year everyone…had meant to get this up in late December, but as you’ll see at the bottom, I had mitigating circumstances for the delay…anyway, what a brilliant year 2014 was (that is, until right up till Dec 12!)…thought I’d let 15 pics do most of the talking (most of them have been on Facebook, so apologies if you’ve seen them before):

Pic 1

01 year2014 (1)

Pic 1/  My album “The Last Mad Surge of Youth” finally came out, only 6 years after the debut (hey, I like to take my time and get it right!), … Continue reading

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The difficult second album is now available to buy from the usual places.

Henry’s House Gigs

10Henry has recently started playing private house-concerts and finds these some of the most enjoyable gigs he does.

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There's no greater compliment that can be paid to the album [The Last Mad Surge of Youth] than to say quite plainly that it's a really enjoyable album, one for repeated listening and guaranteed to touch a nerve of some sort for fans of a certain age who will enjoy the ponderings and contemplations"

Mike Ainscoe, Fatea Records

Next Gig

7:30 pm Grimsby – @ Music Cafe at St Martin' Church
Grimsby – @ Music Cafe at St Martin' Church
Jun 11 @ 7:30 pm
Fusion Creative presents The Moonfruit Music and Poetry Cafe @ St Martin’s Tickets can be reserved by phoning Fusion on 07497 750694 or by emailing fusiongrimsby@gmail.com  

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Back home after 3 housegigs in 3 days...all totally different, & I've been trying to think of adjectives to describe each one:
Friday (Doncaster): Joyful & ribald.
Saturday (Beverley): Charming & delighful
Sunday (Cherry Burton): Bonkers & bawdy!
Thanks so much to all our genial hosts: Peter Vuckovic, Hazel Richings, and Nic & Jane Gough (and their helpers), and to Les Glover, Peter Robinson & Martin Peirson

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Such kindness & generosity from host Peter Vuckovic and crew at last night's Doncaster housegig...a "Hen & Les" cake (based on our backdrop/flag), and the entire audience looked most fetching in the HP Housegig T-shirts they'd been given (or should that be "forced to wear")!
On to another housegig tonight in Beverley (near Hull)..I just hope Hull City win today...if they lose it could spoil the party.

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The housegig season seems to be well upon us.
This weekend THREE housegigs, all in Yorkshire: tonight Doncaster, and the ones on Saturday and Sunday are both in/near Beverley, and only 2.9 miles apart (now that’s what I call good planning...plus, of course, kindly amenable hosts).

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