31/10/14….Autumn update

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Autumn’s here (my favourite season)…time to batten down the hatches, light fires, and drink red wine… but hey, don’t stay in watching dodgy TV, live music needs your support!

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After a quick break in Scotland (where I’m sure it stopped raining for at least 2 hours while we were there!), I’m fully refreshed and ready to start part two of the “Autumn Before The Winter Tour 2014” (see list of gigs below)…a couple of sold out shows (Processed Pea Folk Club near Beverley, and Liverpool’s Lantern Theatre), otherwise some tickets should still available for the other shows (ticket details… Continue reading

01/10/14 update…tour details

Here are all the tour dates for the “Autumn Before The Winter” tour…full details can be found on my Facebook artist page, or here on this website under “gigs”


2nd   London – St Pancras Old Church

3rd   Farnham, Surrey – housegig* (SOLD OUT)

4th   Worthing – The John Seldon (SOLD OUT)

10th Wollaston – Housegig (CANCELLED DUE TO ORGANIZER’S ILL HEALTH…will try and re-schedule for 2015) 

11th Huntingdon – Hartford Village Hall (SOLD OUT)

12th Coventry – housegig (on an allotment!)*

17th Preston – housegig*… Continue reading

22/09/14 update….The Autumn Before the Winter Tour 2014

Time for an update, I feel, (apologies to anyone on my mailing list who might have already received this info)

It’s been a crazy year on the road, I think I’ll have clocked up nearly 60 gigs by December. Thanks to all of you who have attended a gig, and especially those who’ve booked me for housegigs; they’ve been brilliant, and are continuing to come in at an alarming rate (5 already in for next year).

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Have to thank my regular partner-in-crime, guitarist Les Glover (aka Loved up Les™), who’s helped make the gigs so enjoyable…we are having the… Continue reading

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The difficult second album is now available to buy from the usual places.

Henry’s House Gigs

10Henry has recently started playing private house-concerts and finds these some of the most enjoyable gigs he does.

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There's no greater compliment that can be paid to the album [The Last Mad Surge of Youth] than to say quite plainly that it's a really enjoyable album, one for repeated listening and guaranteed to touch a nerve of some sort for fans of a certain age who will enjoy the ponderings and contemplations"

Mike Ainscoe, Fatea Records


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Henry Priestman
November 22, 2014 at 9:20 am

Much ribaldry and good times had at our gig last night at Gary & Vera Aspey's Club in Westhoughton...it's not often somebody accompanies you on "clog dancing" (as Vera did) on the encore number!...and tonight I'm playing Steve Blackstone's monthly "Secret Sessions", at a secret location (obviously!) on Anglesey.

Henry Priestman
Facebook IconNovember 21, 2014 at 8:30 am

Looking forward to returning to Gary and Vera Aspey's club in Westhougton (Bolton) tonight...Gary and Vera have been making their particular brand of mainly Lancashire-tinged folk albums since the 70's, and I'm thrilled that they've decided to record my "Grey's the New Blonde" for their next album, and even call the CD "One More Bite of the Cherry" (a line from the song).
I'm sure they'll be adding guitar and accordion (and even clog-dancing?!) to a few songs in my set tonight (try and stop them!).

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Gary & Vera Aspey |


Gary & Vera Aspey became full time professional artists in April 1974. Their experience and performance content has, over the years, taken them to many varied venues including Folk Clubs, Arts Centres, Theatres, PTA & Sports Clubs, Round Table & Masonic evenings, TV & Radio, around the world includi…

Henry Priestman
Facebook IconNovember 20, 2014 at 8:29 am

Been wondering why I've had a few Spanish language posts and messages over the last day or so, including the following one from Peru:
"hermosa la letra la canción "valentine song", saludos desde Peru"...
then all was explained when I read Lotte Mullan's recent post below:

"Someone just pointed out to me that the UK version of Kismet Diner has over 1.5 million views...not to mention the millions from different versions in Brazil, Mexico, Spain and Turkey...NOW I know why I keep seeing so many covers of 'Valentine's Song' on youtube! Thanks for all your notes, comments and covers of this song, I love seeing them. Me and my writing partner Henry Priestman certainly didn't expect such a reaction when we wrote this song during a power cut that cold February night several years ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iz38FbEycms"

[PS if you've not seen this beautiful short film, give it a go, it might cheer up your day!]

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Cornetto Cupidity, Kismet Diner (Film)

Sometimes you have to listen with your heart... One Saturday night, midway through an impromptu concert, she notices a customer she hasn't seen before with a...

Henry Priestman
Facebook IconNovember 18, 2014 at 6:34 pm

Re earlier post about Sunday's Tallarn Green Village Hall gig (pictured)...just heard that £1225 was raised towards the new local Primary School Library...more than they'd bargained for...result!...
Audience members, give yourselves a round of applause...and there are rumours of "same time next year"!

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Henry Priestman
Facebook IconNovember 18, 2014 at 8:28 am

Henry Priestman added 4 photos.

A few pics from Sunday's wonderful night at Tallarn Green (nr Wrexham) where hopefully lots of money was raised for the local primary school library (figures still to come).
The whole local community got behind it, 70 people squeezed into the tiny village hall, the stage of which had been transformed into a 70's living room "set", complete with iconic 70's posters (the Athena "Tennis Girl", and the "Oriental Lady"). Thanks to Mark Dennis for the pics (and for joining us on a few songs).

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