10/12/14 Update…. DVD launch gigs

“Settle Down”, live 21 track DVD to be released in Feb (launch gigs: Feb 27, Feb 28th).

“Settle Down”, The Live DVD that we shot at Settle Victoria Hall earlier in the year is nearly ready, just missed Christmas tho’…prospective release date is Feb 14th (these release dates aren’t just thrown together y’know!) and, yes, it does contain a live version of Valentine Song!..The DVD will be available on this website.Settle Down snip

Anyone who attended the gig at Settle Victoria Hall, where the DVD was filmed, can hopefully vouch for what a wonderful night it was…a lot of love and warmth… Continue reading

31/10/14….Autumn update

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Autumn’s here (my favourite season)…time to batten down the hatches, light fires, and drink red wine… but hey, don’t stay in watching dodgy TV, live music needs your support!

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After a quick break in Scotland (where I’m sure it stopped raining for at least 2 hours while we were there!), I’m fully refreshed and ready to start part two of the “Autumn Before The Winter Tour 2014” (see list of gigs below)…a couple of sold out shows (Processed Pea Folk Club near Beverley, and Liverpool’s Lantern Theatre), otherwise some tickets should still available for the other shows (ticket details… Continue reading

01/10/14 update…tour details

Here are all the tour dates for the “Autumn Before The Winter” tour…full details can be found on my Facebook artist page, or here on this website under “gigs”


2nd   London – St Pancras Old Church

3rd   Farnham, Surrey – housegig* (SOLD OUT)

4th   Worthing – The John Seldon (SOLD OUT)

10th Wollaston – Housegig (CANCELLED DUE TO ORGANIZER’S ILL HEALTH…will try and re-schedule for 2015) 

11th Huntingdon – Hartford Village Hall (SOLD OUT)

12th Coventry – housegig (on an allotment!)*

17th Preston – housegig*… Continue reading

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The difficult second album is now available to buy from the usual places.

Henry’s House Gigs

10Henry has recently started playing private house-concerts and finds these some of the most enjoyable gigs he does.

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There's no greater compliment that can be paid to the album [The Last Mad Surge of Youth] than to say quite plainly that it's a really enjoyable album, one for repeated listening and guaranteed to touch a nerve of some sort for fans of a certain age who will enjoy the ponderings and contemplations"

Mike Ainscoe, Fatea Records

Next Gig

8:00 pm Stockton Heath, Warrington, hous...
Stockton Heath, Warrington, hous...
Feb 6 @ 8:00 pm
*Private function; sorry, tho’ some housegigs are open to the public, this particular one is not.  To enquire about housegigs see this link: http://www.henrypriestman.com/house-gigs/

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Facebook Status

Henry Priestman
Facebook IconDecember 19, 2014 at 5:19 pm

Following Monday's post (where I was shocked to find my own section in HMV York), FB friend Ste Greenall spotted this in his local HMV (Queensgate, Peterborough, since you asked)...nestled nicely 'twixt The Pretty Things' "SF Sorrow" & The Primal's "Screamadelica"....that'll do me!...

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Henry Priestman
December 19, 2014 at 9:18 am

My wife is the "bright young thing" on her hospital ward; the average age is 84 (incl at least one 99 year old!).

Henry Priestman
Facebook IconDecember 18, 2014 at 10:21 pm

Brilliant time last night as special guest on John Reilly/Boy on a Dolphin's Sheffield City Hall annual Xmas show...first time on a big stage for a long while (1500 people, that's around 1450 more than my average!!), possibly 20 of whom knew who I was, but Les & I got 'em by the end..it was a half-hour set, which was different (normally I spend THAT long nattering before my first number)...
We even had the posh dressing room, but no kettle for the Pot Noodles...what's that about? :-)

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Henry Priestman
Facebook IconDecember 18, 2014 at 12:58 pm

Before our Sheffield City Hall gig last night (more on that later) Les & I called into the hospital to try and bring a bit of Christmas cheer into my wife's ward...these Xmas lights, on her bruised, broken, "scaffolded" ankle, went down well...I've said that, if she's still there on Xmas day, I'll bring a uke in and do a concert for the ward.

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Henry Priestman
December 17, 2014 at 8:17 am

What a week, first my wife slips and breaks her ankle, now my guitarist and partner in crime Les Glover (aka Loved up Les™) slips and sprains his wrist...but he's still up for tonight's gig at Sheffield City Hall (our last of the year, as special guest on John Reilly/Boy on a Dolphin's Xmas Concert); he can't hold a cup, too painful, but he can play guitar...what a trooper!

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