Just posted this on my FB page, thought it might be worth putting up here too…(to get in contact, use the email address on the housegig link on homepage).

“House-gigs have gone crazy, some no doubt due to the house-gig video for “True Believer” that went online last month…all over the shop, 16 between now and October (that’s virtually a tour!) from Llanymynech to Liverpool, Norwich to Newbald, Worthing to Wollaston. Some private house concerts, or maybe parties/functions, others are more like “Have a Go” gigs, where ordinary folk have decided to put their own gig on (eg in a Village Hall/function room) and open it to the public….just message me here, and bob’s yer uncle. Will be putting details for them all up in the next day or so, here and on my website…” Watch “True Believer” video here (shot at a genuine Blackpool housegig, Feb 2014): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hrmtu1Xokp0
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