Valentine Song video…
A shoestring crew (on an even more of a shoestring budget) have created this cinematic and heart-warming video for Valentine Song off the new album…

After the video for Goodbye Common Sense turned out so well, we decided in late Jan that we should have a go at a video for Valentine Song…thing was to try and get it finished and ready for Valentine’s Day itself (if not before).

junction coffee

I spotted a Liverpool coffee shop I knew (Junction Coffee) that seemed perfect for the job, and imagined it would be a simple performance vid…then we all got together and brainstormed; me,  John Dawe (director/cameraman), Paul “Rile” Avis, (editor/cameraman) and Helen Stephens (website & CD booklet designer, and general all-round sensible one!); and after a few cups of coffee a vague “narrative” was decided upon.

Val Song Lotte Mullan

It was great when we found out that Lotte Mullan (who co-wrote the song with me) had agreed to come up all the way from that London to be in it, and Pete Riley said he’d mime his original guitar part (using his lovely old guitar)…then we just needed “real” couples of all ages to be in it. Frantic phone calls made to friends, and friends of friends…being a workday was causing problems..and we really were after an older couple too, to show lovers of all ages.

Literally the evening before the shoot I heard that somebody knew somebody who knew this lovely old couple who ran a cake shop in Liverpool (apparently they’re on youtube somewhere), and they’d agreed to be in it. Have to say that, for me, they make the video…but sorry to say it all happened all so quickly that I never even discovered their names..(I’ll rectify that).

I was full of a cold the morning we shot (Feb 4th), but at least we were miming, so my Barry White/Lee Marvin voice couldn’t be heard. But everyone turned up, all the couples looked loved-up, Lotte acted her heart out, and I’m so pleased with the final result.

Thanks to all involved!

ValSong Wide