Spent a couple of days in the last few weeks shooting a video for “Goodbye Common Sense” which will be the first single off my new album “The Last Mad Surge of Youth”, out on Feb 17 (“at last” I hear you cry!)…When I say “single”, it’s not as tho’ it’ll actually get played anywhere, but we thought we may as well do a video for it, to alert people to the fact that the album’s on it’s way [and, blatant plug, you can even
pre-order your ltd edition autographed copy here:

 Jon at Liverpool’s Periscope Productions came up with a treatment/concept for the vid, and the first bits were shot in the (relative) warmth at Liverpool’s “Camp & Furnace”, an amazing building, everywhere you point the camera looks like a film-set.P1020994 (640x427)

That was the easy bit…the plan for part 2 was to for me to be filmed cycling round various bits of Liverpool, and ending up in an idyllic forest-type place at the end.  The reason cycling was chosen was to tie in with the cycling man motif that features on the album artwork, and was inspired by Gilly Thomas’ cover painting called “La Bicyclette”surgedraft2 jpg

We chose to film last Tuesday, and somebody up there was smiling on us, as you couldn’t have picked a sunnier day. So there I was at 7.45am (“lots of layers”) at the The Dingle in Liverpool, in the area where they shot “Bread” back in the 80’s. P1030027 (640x427)

Having not cycled for 12 years I wasn’t particularly looking forward to this opening shot, up and down this “Bread” street…

P1030023 (640x427)

and onto the eerie deserted streets off High Park Street in Liverpool 8…it was actually quite shocking to see whole streets boarded up, and I wonder what’s wrong with these houses?…I dread to think what will be erected in their place, and whole communities moved out…there was even a German film crew filming in the next street, one can only guess at what their interest was.

P1030034 (640x427)
…and on to various parts of the Dock Road, taking special care not get knocked down by passing pantechnicons….

P1030042 (640x427)

…finally ending up in Formby Woods where I was joined by various mates for the final “Henry meets up with his band and all is well” end shots…

P1030047 (640x493)

We did actually have a hilarious time filming these scenes, and I’ve got to thank Pete Riley Snr (banjo) Pete Riley Jnr (bass), Les Glover (drums) and Robbie Taylor (fiddle) for all turning up and braving the cold…

P1030061 (640x553)

Special thanks to film crew Jon, Rile and Helen for their stirling work, and I can’t wait to see the final result.