Welcome to this the first blog and my new “state of the art” website…all bells ‘n’ widgets, Facebook links, email subscriptions, pics, vids, etc, expertly designed by my good friend Helen Stephens (she’ll do your site too, for a very reasonable price!)…there’s talk of me getting my head round Twitter an’ that, but slowly slowly Helen, don’t scare me too much.

I’ve missed doing a blog…I used to enjoy it on Myspace [cue sound of wind and blowing tumbleweed, poor old Myspace!] and then Facebook came along and it had to be all short ‘n’ sweet pithy comments (that’s why I’m dreading Twitter!), and I happen to be a rambler, as anyone who’s seen a gig of mine will vouch for [a review in much missed Word magazine started with the words “Blimey, Henry Priestman can’t half talk!”…it WAS a positive review!]. So I’ll carry on my (often) daily, (invariably) inane banter, links and photos on Facebook, and also keep a blog going here, maybe a new one every month or so…or when something happens…have the two of them in tandem (well that’s the idea!). If you want to get in contact with me (eg. to book a house gig, song-writing workshop, or just to have a natter) please post on my artist Facebook page or message me there, and I (or someone who knows) will get back to you.

Big news for this month is the re-release of my solo album “The Chronicles of Modern Life” on VINYL…heavy vinyl, gatefold sleeve, almost “prog-tastic”…and quite the most garish and brightly coloured sleeve since Jimi’s “Axis Bold as Love”.

By the time you read this, I’ll have performed 2 sold-out launch gigs for the re-release…one near Hull/Beverley, at the wonderful Processed Pea Folk Club (see pic left, showing The Men of a Certain Age, plus guest chanteuse Micaela Haslam, at the soundcheck); and another on-board the Mersey Ferry (pics in next blog), 50 years to the day since The Beatles last played on the ferry, but more importantly (!!) 33 and a 1/3rd years since my old band Yachts launched their first album on the same ship…on that night in 1979 we were supported by a surprise guest, an announced Elvis Costello (we shared the same record label), who happened to steal our thunder, just a little bit!! View the promo video here.

Anyway, the album is a limited edition (500 copies), each one individually numbered (pick your own number, on a first come, first served basis), and can be obtained at gigs, and online at www.planegroovy.com (or via the merch page here on my site).

I must thank Chris Topham from planegroovy.com for having enough faith in me to release the album…it’ll break even by 2018 Chris, honest!

Hope you enjoy this website…the music biz has altered so much in the last 10 years, but I for one am relishing the challenge and these changes, and the “small is beautiful” aspect of it, and this site is all part of that…I’m having the best time of my life: I go up and down the country (armed with just a guitar and a uke) playing my songs, I sell a few CDs and LPs, I do schools/college workshops, I write and record the odd song…and I LOVE my work!…thanks for all your support.

Better stop now, I’m fillin’ up!
H x