Six of One & Half a Dozen of the Other



New album, what it says on the tin:: 6 tracks by Henry Priestman and half a dozen by Les Glover…signed, too.

1/ not in my name (priestman/glover)

2/ tony (glover)

3/ the ghosts of a thousand fishermen (priestman/herman)

4/ gamble with love (glover/priestman)

5/ beautiful dreamers (priestman/gilbert)

6/ the old man of the sea (glover)

7/ love you love you (priestman)

8/ all roads lead to home (glover)

9/ a place they called “forgotten town” (priestman)

10/ for sale: one house (glover/priestman)

11/ her ladyship (priestman/gilbert)

12/ sing it like you mean it (glover)





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