Been a bit tardy updating the website…mitigating circumstances, m’lud, had a hernia op 3 weeks ago (which seems to have all gone fine) and have kept on meaning to get round to doing a new blog/news update here…and whilst I’ve been putting up my regular little snippets on Facebook, I’m aware some people aren’t on FB (or hate it!), so I endeavour to put something up here every month or here goes:


Post Hernia Op Cake, presented onstage at Devizes gig [made by Sand Maggs]

One thing that happened just before the op was the release of my pal and right-hand-man Loved Up Les’ debut solo album “The Love Terrorist”….it really is a great album, and I know I WOULD say that as I produced it (and even managed to get a few co-writes on), but I’m pretty sure that anyone who likes my albums will appreciate this…some wryness and humour, yes, but also some tender and poignant moments: “I am Legend” brings my wife and I to tears every time!
CD available here:



Biggest Paella Ever…at Graham & Jane Deakin’s housegig

The hernia op, as you’d expect, knocked me for six, but I’d been told that I should be OK after 2 weeks rest and recuperation. Luckily the 2 first gigs where playing places where I knew the people putting the gigs on, so was able to explain about my predicament. Stools were provided at both gigs, but the rocker in me came out once I hit the stage, and I eschewed sitting down, but was made to pay for it later (could hardly walk after the second gig).
The first gig was a housegig near Cirencester for a Yachts (my first band) superfan – Graham Deakin had seen us 20 times back in the late 70’s – so Les (himself a fan!) and I dusted down an old Yachts favourite (and single) Love You Love You…someone in the audience thought it was the best song of the night!..have to mention the biggest paella I’ve ever seen, that was served at the gig…now you see why we love these housegigs: it’s all cake and paella!..



Les and HP arrive at soundcheck by canal!

Next gig was at Wharf Theatre in Devizes…I’ve been coming down to Wiltshire for four years to play for Malcolm Shipp and Andy Fawthrop’s Seend Acoustic Club, and they thought it would be good this time to up the ante and put us in a bigger venue, hence the Wharf Theatre…Malcy always has something up his sleeve to keep his artists entertained (in the past we’ve had trips laid on to the Standing Stones at Avebury, and various White Horses and stunning views), this time he excelled himself and had laid on (courtesy of boat owners Dave and Mandy) a trip along the Kennet and Avon Canal, dropping Les & I off at Wharf Theatre in time for soundcheck!
More surprises ensued when I was onstage: the Post Op Cake was presented, then 15 year old singer Lottie Diddams (whom I’d never met before, complete surprise) got up and accompanied me on “Valentine Song” (see here: ), and finally, for “True Believer” Malcy had laid on an 8-piece ukulele band to join me…again, I’d no idea this was going to happen (tho’ he hinted at “surprises”)…brilliant night..ta so much Malcy, Andy, and Karen….not forgetting Les, who had to do all the lifting and carrying (having an op has it’s perks!)
Those concerned about my welfare will be pleased to hear that I succumbed to common sense after that, and sat on a stool for last Friday’s wonderful St Annes Folk Club gig…




Les & HP on “Songs From The Shed”

Also in the last few weeks our session (#366!) for the legendary Songs from The Shed went online…earlier in the year Les & I recorded 3 songs “In My Head”, “At The End of the Day” & “We Used To Be You”, in genial Jon Earl’s wonderful little shed, and they can be heard here:
“In My Head”:
“At the End of the Day:    and
“We Used To Be You” :

…coming up in May/June: festivals, 5 more housegigs, and a BIG (scary!) birthday!

Bye for now

H x