Reviews for The Chronicles of Modern Life (CD/Download)

BBC Radio 2

"It really is a fabulous album...gorgeous" Janice Long, BBC Radio 2, 10-10-09 “...It's just great, it's great songs on it - JohnnieWalker, BBC Radio 2, 18-09-09. “It’s absolutely brilliant.....he’s found his voice!” Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2 30-12-09 “Don’t...


“.... he is a fine songwriter with an acerbic wit when it comes to his take on relationships, work, life and how some of us are getting slightly older but not quite ready for it yet....this all adds up to make “Chronicles....” a very good album indeed. What helps make...


“Henry Priestman’s songwriting skills have been honed through work with cult acts and chart-toppers, and his wry observations have been finely tuned into the kind of songs it’s near impossible not to like." ****

Folk North West

“Outstanding from start to finish, it provides a vibrant vehicle for Priestman’s distinctive voice underpinned by great songs, great musicians, and great arrangements. Highly recommended.”

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10 hours ago

Henry Priestman

Last night, return housegig, one year on, at "The Winchester", aka Anya & Mark Mark Evans' Birkenhead front room, which they've done out like a proper pub: bar, booze, dart board, 'n' all.
Made even more special as it was a surprise birthday party for Mark, who, despite it being booked nearly a year ago, knew NOTHING about it until he walked through the front door and was suddenly confronted by his friends from all over UK, and me and Les Glover singing Happy Birthday.
Well done Anya, don't know how you managed it! 🙂 x
PS Nice T-Shirt, Mark 😉
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1 day ago

Henry Priestman

Beware Facebookers...miscreant trolls out there are saying this pic (secretly taken on Thursday) purports to show Les Glover & I rehearsing...totally untrue, he was just trying to show me a new chord (which I've already forgotten), and anyway everyone knows we're not due to rehearse again til October...
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2 days ago

Henry Priestman

As you watch this The Narrowboat Sessions vid of "Old man of the Sea" (off the latest album), you'll perhaps notice slightly less joviality than norm from me & Les, more looks of concentration (not to say almost professional-looking), this is because the song (being one of Les') has more than 4 chords in it (at least 7), so I'm well outside my comfort zone...but by the time we hit the outro we're back on form, smiling to each other, and all's well with the world 🙂
Sounds fab tho'!
Thanks for filming it Mark Holdsworth, and a fine brew too.

The Narrowboat Sessions
Of all of the musicians in the world our skipper loves playing with these two old friends the most. 'Smooth' and 'Professional' are never words that can be used around Henry Priestman or Les Glover without causing them to laugh! 'Bloody brilliant' however is what you usually hear from their audiences after a gig! Here they are playing one of Les's superb songs, 'Old Man of The Sea'.
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