I’ve decided to stop putting news bits on this website, as I do tend to post at least a couple of times a week (more usually) on Facebook (and Twitter), with info and news, so seems silly to reproduce it all here on this page.


For those who abhor Facebook, we’ve decided to incorporate my Facebook posts onto the website Homepage…I post (mostly inane twaddle!) on FB at least a couple of times a week, so it’s a good way of keeping up with what I’m up to, what gigs are coming up in the next week/month etc….

Talking of gigs, they are coming in ALL the time, and the best way to check on where we’re playing is always via the website… Rule of thumb: ALL my future gigs are on the website (under “LIVE”), including 35 housegigs, and I will drip-feed the gig information, once a month or so, onto my Facebook Artist page, to jog people’s memory (under “Upcoming Events, in left hand column: www.facebook.com/henrypriestman/events?key=events ).


Middlewich Folk & Boat Festival, 19/06/16…l-r Nick Silver, HP, Les Glover, Lynne O’Malley

As mentioned above, housegigs are coming in thick and fast, and people can check out the “Housegig Info” page on this new website to get all info, and contact us for more info/bookings…alternatively they can contact me directly through the message facility on my Facebook artist page.

Special thanks to Helen Stephens of Sandbox Digital for the wonderful work on this new updated website…

Finally, thanks to all of you for your support…the interplay with folk on Facebook is wonderful, and the gigs continue to be as much fun, as Les and I continue our “never ending tour”…we’ll hopefully catch you at a venue (or house) somewhere in the future.

Love Henry xx